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Recycle Rally Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program

Ecologic Game- Recycle Rally

WaterGame Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program

Ecologic Game- Watergame

PowerHouse Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program

Ecologic Game- PowerHaus

About the Games

Recycle Rally Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program
Recycle Rally Back Box
Recycle Rally Board
Recycle Rally Cards


Children challenge each other in the city streets to collect as much rubbish as possible and take it to the correct bins. As well as developing their ability to orient themselves on a map, players learn to recognize various types of waste and how to properly recycle it.

Themes involved


Skills Acquired

Strategic skills
Association and classification skills
Manual skills
Orientation skills


15 cards, 45 items to recycle, 10 special tokens, 5 trucks, 1 board, 1 disc, 3 dice, 1 scoreboard, stickers, instructions.

WaterGame Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program
Watergame Back
WaterGame Board
WaterGame Cards


A journey full of challenges and surprises that are faced by cooperating with others. Picture cards and quizzes help children to discover the importance of water and the correct daily habits to reduce water waste.

Themes involved


Skills Acquired

Ability to collaborate and share
Reasoning ability
Ability to perform the first mathematical calculations


36 behaviour cards, 30 quiz cards, 1 board, 4 tokens, 5 discs, 1 dice, instructions.

PowerHouse Boardgame Wonder Recycling Program
PowerHaus Back
PowerHaus Board
PowerHaus Cards


Children have fun renovating a house that loses heat and wastes a lot of energy. By drawing cards from inside the house, they learn habits and attitudes that save energy. By exploring the city’s stores, they also discover products and services that can be purchased to make the home even more efficient.

Themes involved


Skills Acquired

Logical thinking
Calculation skills
Spatial orientation
Knowledge of the concept of electrical energy


67 cards, 1 board, 4 tokens, 4 discs, 3 dice, banknotes, instructions.

About Adventerra Games

Adventerra Games is an eco-friendly Swiss brand specializing
in the creation of educational games about environmental themes. 

Vegetable Ink

To ensure the highest level of sustainability in our printing process, only non-toxic vegetable inks made of linseed oil and soy are used. These inks are also free of cobalt and mineral oils.


There is no room for plastic in our games! We design all game components with natural, biodegradable materials, such as paper and wood.

Recycled and Recyclable

We follow a “zero waste” principle! First, we select raw materials that are recycled or renewable. During manufacturing, we reduce waste by optimizing the space on the printing sheets. We also plan for the end-of-life of our products, using materials that are recyclable or compostable.

FSC Certified

All our games are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC organization guarantees that paper, cardboard and wood we use comes from a forest that is managed in a way that is socially beneficial and environmentally conscious.

Learning Guaranteed

Our puzzles & games spark creativity, while helping children develop science, technology, engineering, math, and logic skills. That is why all of our products have been authenticated by The cooperative aspects of many of our games also build social & emotional skills like sharing, teamwork, and empathy.

Empowering children
through play

Adventerra educational games are completely unique!

They are designed to make children aware of environmental issues through actions and concrete examples (waste reduction, recycling, use of renewable energy, etc.).

It’s hard to explain serious things to young kids – and issues like pollution or climate change are scary for kids and adults. Therapists even have a name for it: eco-anxiety. Studies show that the best way to handle it is to show children how they can help.