Taketora Logo
Taketora is a special brand of Yamagishi Bamboo Inc, founded in 1894, to make and sell bamboo products. They are based in an area called Awa where the special Tiger Bamboo grows. 

The logo of Taketora is indeed a combination of bamboo leaves and a chinese character which means "tiger".
Taketora Bamboo location
Taketora's mission is to save the Japanese bamboo tradition and hand it down to the next generation. People in Japan have been using bamboos to make tools for their everyday life, religious rituals and many other different purposes. Nowadays, there are many cheap bamboo goods on the market but Taketora harvest bamboos in their local mountains and cut it down manually, not using any machinery.
It is important to select bamboo that have beautiful patterns but harvest future parent bamboos. The harvesting is done in winter in order to protect the bamboos from bugs.
Yamagishi Taketora
Yamagishi is the 4th generation owner of the long-established bamboo craft brand, "Takeya" founded in 1894. He launched a website in 1997 with an aim to teach about Tiger Bamboo, a type of bamboo tree that only grows in Japan, and promoting the theme "A rich life with bamboo".
Taketora Family