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Welcome to the Biocasa ambassador program!

Our mission is to find the best natural, sustainable and plastic free products possible and bring them to you so that together we can make a better world!

What we care most is to find people that align with our ideas.
If you do, each ambassador relationship will be different.

If you are a social influencer, a blogger or have a big following on social media, we can offer you a free ambassador program, send you free products for contest or giveaways and we have an affiliate program we can chat about.

If you are a Biocasa customer, we would love your help in spreading our love for eco-friendly products and, as a thank you, we will hook you up with discount codes and gift cards :)

If you are an organisation, a community center or a charity group we will be happy to donate back to you part of the profits made through members of your community. Please let us know your ideas and we can discuss this one to one.

Click on this link to access the registration page and we'll send you an email when your request to join our team has been approved!

For any info, email us at

With Love,

Valentina & Francesco