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The OLA Bamboo family is made up of three young Canadian entrepreneurs—Jean-Philippe Bergeron, Simon-Pier Ouellet, and Vicky Jodry—who wanted to make a difference for the planet. Their mission is to help reduce plastic waste by offering eco-friendly products that are affordable and easy to use.

The OLA Bamboo family extends well beyond its three founders. About thirty people are involved in our young company—and that also means thirty jobs—whether it’s the teams of representatives on the road, about a dozen in Quebec and just as many throughout the rest of Canada, or the Re-Source Intégration and Pivot Centre-du-Québec teams who assemble certain products and much more.

When you purchase an OLA Bamboo’s eco products, you are helping Compensation CO2 Québec plant trees. Reducing our carbon footprint and benefitting the health of our beautiful planet is crucial for Ola Bamboo. Since the beginning of this venture, over 3,000 trees have been planted in Notre-Dame-des-Bois and Stratford, Quebec—thanks to you!

Ola bamboo founders