Vegan Lemon cake with Rotofresh Natural baking paper

Vegan Lemon Cake

A super fresh vegan cake that’ll bring instant refreshment to your table. With no eggs, butter or milk we dare say it will be the healthiest cake f...
Apricot Ricotta Tart

Apricot Ricotta Tart

Apricots will soon be in season and they are only one of the delicious fruits that Summer offers us!

Sweet and juicy, they are a perfect match to the ricotta filling used to make this delicious tart that your entire family will adore.

Rice Crisps choco bars

Rice crisps choco bars

This recipe uses only two ingredients and it's so easy that will quickly become one of your (and their) favourite for your kid's lunch box. Bonus: no cooking is required!
Rotofresh Natural Baking Paper and Upside-down Orange cake

Upside-down Orange Cake

Those days when we get up on the wrong side of the bed, an upside-down cake might be the only way to put things back in place…
Cheer yourself up with this extremely easy cake and its guaranteed wow effect!
Compostable Baking Paper and Strawberry Tart

Easy Strawberry Tart

This super easy version of the classic strawberry tart will win you over with its delicious smell! Add an extra touch of sweetness with a bit of chocolate spread… yummy!
Rotofresh compostable cling wrap and apple muffins

Apple Muffins

Let's take advantage of Apple season a bit longer with these delicious Apple Muffins, the perfect addition to your kids' lunch boxes.
Cinnamon Cookies Rotochef natural baking paper

Cinnamon cookies

The perfect cookies to pair with a cup of tea or hot cocoa, their cinnamon aroma will fill your entire house.
Bacon, potato and cheese tart

Bacon, potato and cheese tart

This Bacon, potato and cheese tart is easy enough to prepare in 20min but tasty enough to be devoured in 5 seconds! A sure hit with the entire family!

Rotochef unbleached natural baking paper with lemon cake

Italian Lemon Cake

A simple recipe for a delicate and fragrant cake that even your kids will love!
This cake is absolutely delicious when enjoyed with a cup of tea with this wintry weather but will also be amazingly fresh for hotter summer days.