Laundry Stain Stick



If you are also a child of the 80's, you may recall hearing "we love dirty laundry" That's a lie. No one loves dirty laundry.

These 56gr. unscented, vegan, pure coconut oil stain sticks are tiny power-houses when it comes to stain removal!

Set in stains or fresh stains, these are amazing and do not contain any harsh chemicals such as the commercial products do.

They are made specifically for laundry and should not be used as a body bar. Simply wet bar and the stained area, lather and launder as usual.

These all natural handmade laundry stain sticks are handmade in small batches in Maine, USA.

NOTE: Please colour test on delicate fabrics and red or pink clothing.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, water and sodium hydroxide.

Photos courtesy of: @wyldephoto

Customer Reviews

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Sue M. (Sydney, AU)
Simply the best

There is nothing I can say against these products.
I purchased the detergent strips and the laundry stain stick, both are amazing just knowing I’m doing a small part of saving land waste makes me feel good

Sheri (Adelaide, AU)
Terrific stain remover

I bought the stain remover stick just test it out and wasn’t expecting it to be so good.
Excellent at getting weird stains out of my kids white clothes!
I would definitely recommend.

John K. (Sydney, AU)

Laundry Stain Stick

Lorraine P. (Adelaide, AU)
No landfills

I am determined to change as many everyday items I purchase to equivalent in non landfill containers. Have started using the laundry sheets and am very happy with the results. I have passed on a few sheets to others to try as well

M.H (Sydney, AU)
Laundry stain stick

Was not sure this would work in the school shirts...... can't believe how well they come up!! Got my mum and sister using it to now!

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