Why our Surface Cleaner Strips are much better than traditional spray cleaners?


  1. They have a smaller eco - footprint.

They are 100% plastic free and ultra-concentrated. This means all the water and un-necessary ingredients have been removed, making it super lightweight and therefore reducing transportation fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


  1. No more heavy and bulky plastic bottles!
Take the minimalist approach and free up your cupboard space from nasty chemical detergents! Plus, no more carrying heavy grocery bags, your liquid-less detergent will be delivered straight to your door and will weight only 3gr per strips!


  1. Mess Free and no surprises.

1 surface cleaner strip equals 1 clean, you know exactly how much you have left before running out!


  1. They are grey water safe.
One of the reasons why these strips are one of the most eco-friendly way to clean your toilet. Not only they come in a HOME compostable packaging, but they are also readily biodegradable and grey wate / septic tank safe.