Compostable Cling Wrap & Baking Paper Combo



For the past 40 years, Rotofresh has been a trusted partner in the kitchen of millions of customers around the world.

The Italian brand has now launched this innovative natural line to satisfy all your food wrapping needs without damaging the environment.

RotoFresh Natural Cling Wrap is made with renewable raw materials, is entirely natural, biodegradable and HOME compostable.

A real kitchen revolution which is perfect to make your cooking more sustainable and that works equally well for Delis, Cafes, Bakers, Butchers and Green Grocers.



    Rotochef Natural Baking Paper is made with raw materials, is entirely natural, biodegradable and 100% home compostable.

    It is ideal for cooking, reheating and defrosting pies, pizzas, croissants, vegetables and roasting.



      The Combo includes one 10MT roll of 100% Home Compostable cling wrap and one 15MT roll of 100% Home Compostable unbleached baking paper.

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      Biocasa products

      I ordered compostable clear wrap and baking wrap as well as a dishwashing sponge. I can recommend them all. Couldn’t tell the difference.

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