Olive Wood Shaving Brush

Add a little bit of luxury to the daily chore of wet shaving with a handsome wooden shaving brush hand-turned from Olive wood.

Olive Wood is a fruit-wood highly prized for its exceptional grain patterns, also called figure. The heartwood is a nutty brown marbled with veins of darker tones that can be nearly black. The sapwood is a creamy yellow, often striped with brown tones. The patina becomes darker and richer as it ages.

Thanks to the varying grain patterns, each wooden shaving brush is unique. The grain patterns will vary from handle to handle. The handle shape will be very similar to the one shown but may vary a bit. Small irregularities or knots in the wood are not defects, they are a sign that the brush handles are handmade. 

Olive wood is a hard, dense and strong wood with antibacterial properties. The high oil content makes the wood highly water-repellent. Hand buffing helps bring out the natural oil to create a simple natural finish.

  • The brush head is synthetic badger hair (to protect the badgers) that feels like the real thing
  • The brush comes in a linen drawstring pouch with a card describing the wood used for the handle
  • Although wood is naturally water-resistant, the brush should not be left sitting in water and should be dried after use to help prolong its beauty

Length about 3.5 inches
Diameter about 1.4 inches


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