Solid face wash bar

HiBAR conditioner and shampoo bars put beauty first and have environment as a great side benefit. When looking at another product category that had beauty as its main goal but that also used a lot of single-use plastic packaging, face wash looked like an appropriate challenge, and one where a real difference could be made.

Bottled face wash products are the standard because they are gentle and formulated with the right PH level in mind. They leave your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact but they are not exactly eco-friendly: they come in a plastic bottle, they are bigger and heavier to carry which implicates bigger cO2 emissions.

When looking at more sustainable options such as beauty products in bar form, people usually associate cleansing with soap which works as a great cleanser but is often too harsh for the face and ends up stripping off the natural moisture barrier. Soap has a PH of between 8-10 while your skin is 4.5 to 5.5.

That’s why HiBAR decided to create an amino acids bar: amino acids speak the same language as your skin and can only be found in expensive high end bottled face wash products.
What make these face wash bars even more unique is that they have 12 different amino acids, which help clean away dirt, dead skin cells and work with your skin’s natural rejuvenating process. They don’t dry your skin out and are perfectly balanced.
Rice protein, vitamin B5, hydrogenated olive oil, olive squalane, and several humectants are also added to help attract and keep moisture on your skin, maintaining that natural moisture barrier.
HiBAR face wash bars are bringing that same bottled quality to a solid product and at the time these bars are launched, there isn’t an amino acid-based face wash bar on the market.

The face bar are also fragrance free and the thought is that fragrance is an unnecessary ingredient for your beauty routine. The only ingredients chosen are actually benefitting the skin. Furthermore, the skin on your face is sensitive and fragrance can be irritating for some people.

When HiBAR set out to expand beyond hair care into Face Wash, much thought has been put not only in its ingredients but also in its unique shape. After all, since there’s no plastic bottle, it makes sense for their new face bar to have an iconic look that you’ll recognize long after the paper packaging has been tossed in the compost bin.
The bar has been designed to sit vertically, like a bottle, as a visual reference to other face cleansers. The form is weighted towards the bottom to give visual stability when standing upright, allowing water to run off the product. It provides a sculptural form that fits nicely into the palm while, allowing application directly to the face.

How to choose the right face wash bar for your face.

Hydrate is an interesting bar because it is a creamy face wash experience. It doesn’t foam. It isn’t sudsy. It is a very gentle, creamy cleansing experience to help maintain moisture so you won’t experience that tight skin feel after use.

The Cleanse bar is a foaming face wash with more of a gentle surfactant blend than Hydrate. So it is like a foaming face wash you’d normally have to buy in a bottle. It’s the closest to the type of face wash most people would be familiar with.

Renew is an excellent exfoliating face wash bar. First of all, it exfoliates using both the amino acid ingredients the other bars have, but it also has a blend of both an acid blend and super-fine olive seed powder. It also contains willow bark extract which is a natural source of salicylic acid, known to gently remove dead skin cells as well.

Feeling like your skin has different needs through the week or year? You can think of the Renew bar as you would of any other exfoliating product you include in your face care regimen. So can be used a few times a week. Then you can decide between the hydrate bar which is a creamy, very gentle face wash experience, or the cleanse bar if you like a gentle foaming lather.

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