Lineup of different colours shampoo and conditioner bars

We know our Hibar shampoo and conditioner bars all look amazing but if you feel confused at which one is the perfect one for your hair, have a look below!
And remember: our hair’s needs change according to seasons, to our diet and situations we are exposed to so this will come handy whenever you feel your hair need something different.

If you have…

Colored hair.
Great news… all our products are color-safe!

Dry hair that can get frizzy and dull.
Our Moisturize Shampoo and Moisturize Conditioner have rice protein to fortify your hair. If you’re washing often, try skipping the occasional wash and treat only with our Moisturize Conditioner.

Dry scalp that sometimes gets flaky.
First, choose the HiBAR that’s right for your hair. (All our shampoos are made from a gentle surfactant that is less drying to your skin.) Then, when you’re washing, give your scalp a thorough massage with your fingertips.

Oily hair that I feel I need to wash often.
Oily hair can come from life stage (younger people tend to have more active oil glands in their scalps) or even from washing too often. Look into either our Maintain or our Moisturize bars. The Maintain Shampoo will definitely cut back on the oiliness, and you can always finish off with a Moisturize Conditioner to add back some hydration.

Hair that takes on a lot of styling products like gels or oils.
Throw in a regular treatment with our Maintain Shampoo and Maintain Conditioner. They clean gently but thoroughly, to get rid of any build up.

Hair that’s oily at the roots but dry at the ends.
We’d recommend either our Maintain or Moisturize bars, depending upon how often you wash.
For more regular washing we’d start with the Moisturize bars, but make sure you give your scalp a thorough fingertip massage while you wash.
If you’re washing more like every four or five days, try the Maintain Shampoo bar, and concentrate your washing to your roots (and, again, give your scalp a good working over with your fingertips.)
In either case, for conditioning, concentrate the application of the conditioner on your middle and ends.

Fine hair that looks a bit thin.
Look at our Volumize bars. They contain rice proteins and Vitamin B to give more body and bounce to thin or fine hair.

Curly or wavy hair.
Our Volumize bars contain rice protein and Vitamin B5 to add definition to waves and curls. Also, a big bonus is that for anyone following the curly girl method, our products do not contain sulfates, silicones or parabens! So, all clear!

Other tips:
Most people switch to HiBAR without any transition time. But for some, it can take a week or two for your scalp to adapt to the sulfate-free formulas.
There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching products. For example, having a Maintain Shampoo bar on hand for an occasional deeper cleaning can work wonders.

Experiment with how often you wash. For example, sometimes, oily hair can be the result of TOO MUCH washing!
Once in a while, don’t shampoo at all, just use one of our conditioner bars. They each contain a tiny bit of surfactant, so they do have some cleaning capability, but not enough to interrupt with the conditioning process.

Remember – exfoliate! That is, when you’re washing, give your scalp a good massage with the tips of your fingers. This will clear your scalp of any dry skin or oily build up.

And now… enjoy our salon quality shampoo and conditioner bars!

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