what size beeswax foodwrap should I get

Get the most out of all your Abeego sizes with this Abeego size guide and experience greater food preservation at home. From lemons to baguettes and everything in between, dig into our tips and techniques and then share your own food-saving wins.

When it comes to our sizes, we followed nature’s lead. The average size of common foods were considered, along with the intention to maximize our material for as little waste as possible. The result is four Abeego sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Giant. These sizes represent every size you’ll ever require for all your food-saving needs.

Whether you have the full Abeego Family (a box of every size) or one pack of a single size, we’ve got the lowdown on what foods you can save and tips for wrapping them so you can save all your favorite fresh foods for longer.

Keep in mind: we link out to wrap videos as inspiration, however, wrapping your food is as simple as wrap and squeeze! There are no hard and fast rules here.


Abeego Small Beeswax Food Wrap | Keep avocados, lemons, onion halves alive longer


Save Food Halves

The Small Abeego is the perfect companion for all your halves, from securing onion’s odors to retaining your lemon’s zest. Because Abeego acts like a peel, your cucumber won’t even notice it’s end is missing! Expect fresh-as-fresh-cut food ends for days. Did we mention avocados? Halve them and eat them, too. 

Wrap technique | The Squeezewrap the cut end of your food and squeeze. Store in your refrigerator produce drawer, cut side up.


No lid? No problem! 

Abeego small has your overnight oatmeal in a jar covered. It’s also great for covering wine bottles. Speaking of lids, use your Small as a grip to open the most pesky of jars. 

Wrap technique | The Covercover and press! Abeego sticks to itself, never your food or bowl. As Abeego helps food to breathe, a tight seal is not necessary. 

Save cheese, cover bowls, preserve herbs in the Medium Abeego beeswax food wrap


Keep Cheese Alive

Did you know that your cheese is alive and it needs to breathe? Medium Abeego was designed to protect the average block of hard or soft cheese from drying out while it breathes, instead of airtight containers that can lead to sweating. 

Wrap technique | Hard Cheese | The Tuck Tight: wrap your cheese up in Medium Abeego like a present and tuck in the corners.

Wrap technique | Soft Cheese | The Bon Bon: For goat cheese, roll up and twist the ends like a bon bon.


Keep Herbs Vibrant

Medium Abeego is the perfect size for saving small bundles of herbs. We often hear from those who no longer buy herbs because they end up as waste. How long can you keep herbs with Abeego? Long enough to enjoy them to the very last delicious leaf. Bring flavor (and nutrition) back with more herbs in your life. 

Wrap technique | The Burritoloosely roll up towel-dried (and unwashed) herbs, then fold or squeeze the ends. Save multiple herb types with the Double Up.


To-Go Snack Pouches

Turn Medium Abeego into a pouch for a lightweight snack pack for all your outside adventures, from granola bars, to trail mix, to apple and cheese snack packs. 

Wrap technique | The parcel: place food in the middle, bring two sides together and roll closed, fold in in the ends. For a double snack, like cheese and apple, use the Double Up.


From Bowls to Berries, and Bowls of Berries

Medium Abeego is the right size for size plates and medium-sized bowls. Berries are known for drying out or moldy quickly. Abeego to the rescue! Poor them into said bowl and cover for plump, juicy, and nutritious berries. 

Wrap Technique |The Cover: cover and press. For a firmer seal, pleat and press.


Save lettuce, cover large bowls, and bunches of kale in the Large Abeego Beeswax Food wrap


Keep Greens Perky

From kale to spinach, broccoli to lettuce heads, the Large Abeego is your go-to to keep all your greens perky and teeming with life for much longer than any other method. Did you get over-excited at the farmers market and come home with a basket of greens? It happens! Simply swaddle each bunch with love and devour over the weeks. Yes, weeks. Also great for carrots, asparagus, beets and more. 

Wrap technique | The Packet for spring greens, The Burrito for bunches, or the Criss Cross in the Giant for large heads or bunches.

Loose leaves can also be tossed into a bowl and covered with a Medium Abeego or the Giant can be made into a large pouch. 


Keep Sandwiches Fresh

Burrito wrap your sandwich of any size in a Large Abeego to keep it fresh and intact for your picnic lunches in the sun and fresh air. Level-up your sandwiches and use up leftovers and random fridge sauces with inspiration from our Sandwich Hack blog post. 

Wrap technique | The Burrito: place sandwich diagonally, fold in end corners, roll up.


The Ultimate Bowl Hack

Put all your whole vegetables in a bowl and cover with a large to keep them from drying out. If you don't have a lot of space in the fridge or limited wraps, try this! Also works to slow down fruit ripening.

Giant Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap for saving bread, keeping celery fresh, and covering casserole dishes


Enjoy the Full Lifecycle of Bread

Get the most out of your bread and keep crusty loaves under wraps with the Giant Abeego Food Wrap. Unlike plastic wrap that encourages mold growth, Abeego protects your bread through its whole life cycle. Abeego extends its freshly baked stage so you can enjoy soft bread for longer through to the next crustier stage, which is perfect for toast, and its final crostini or breadcrumb stage. You'll literally enjoy your bread to the very last crumb.

Wrap technique | The Criss Cross: round and oval loaves can be rolled up on the diagonal. For baguettes, use The Swaddle or the Bon Bon.


Keep Celery Snappy

Keep the snap in your celery and spring in your step with the Giant Abeego. Without protection, celery, and other crunchy vegetables, lose water and thereby their crunch (and nutrition). 

Wrap technique | The Swaddle:  roll up into a Giant Abeego and squeeze the ends. 


Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Abeego is simple by design. Every package weighs and is priced the same, regardless of size, and with only a single design — this allows you to get the size you need, without confusing combinations and patterns, and reduces waste. 

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