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The best answer is--Why Not?

 Potentially dangerous ingredients are not necessary to create an effective deodorant.

Making sense of the myriad of ingredients in skin care products is challenging and confusing. One study reports that an ingredient is safe and another reports the complete opposite. There are many ingredients that are "considered safe in the small doses used in skin care products."

But when we think of the various products we use on our skin each and every day, we can’t help but wonder how much is "a safe small dose".

Ingredients DO matter and with a product that you apply every day and sometimes even many times a day.

The fact is that with some ingredients, like Phthalates (found in artificial fragrances), no one really knows how these synthetic chemicals will affect us over time, and that is what worries us.

All "Natural" Deodorants Are Not Created Equal

As consumers become aware of the potentially harmful ingredients in commercial antiperspirants and deodorants, more and more companies are beginning to offer “natural” options.

Sadly, companies have learned that simply changing the name or label by adding a few green leaves or flowers and the words "natural" or "organic" will draw your attention. Their marketing often focuses on claims of "no added this" or "no added that" rather what is actually added. 

Unfortunately, their goal is often to deceive consumers into believing that the products they are purchasing are pure, natural, or organic – while in reality, the ingredients list reveals just the opposite.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to always read and research the ingredient label so you know what is actually inside the product. Become a deodorant detective. 

We want to change the way you think about underarm deodorant!

Using deodorant for most people today is as important to their daily routine as brushing their teeth.

But when we began learning about the potentially harmful ingredients found in conventional deodorant (aluminum, phthalates, fragrances, and parabens), we knew I could not continue to use them.

We am not going to get into all of the “evils” of the ingredients in commercial deodorants or antiperspirants--because we really don't know the long-term effects!

We have then tried many of the natural deodorants that were available, but they were not only ineffective, many still contained questionable ingredients. Since deodorants are formulated to be used daily and absorb into the skin, we were determined to find a safe, effective natural organic deodorant.

Organic plastic free deodorant stick, lemongrass and tea tree scent

The Chagrin Valley Deodorants we found use ingredients with natural antibacterial properties to help combat odor and organic ingredients like cornstarch and arrowroot powder or natural clay to help absorb perspiration.

They formulate their deodorants to help control odor, absorb perspiration and treat your skin with healthy, moisturizing ingredients. 


All we can ask is that you read the ingredient comparison below and ask yourself one question, “What do you want to put on your skin?”

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