These are the only plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars formulated by professionals to give you the luxury feel of a hair salon but in a sustainable way.
Because we think that you can make a change without having to compromise.

Their unique shape has been specifically crafted over a year and takes inspiration from beautiful water shaped river rocks.
The pointed tip will get under the hair follicle and onto the scalp and the larger base will allow you to comfortably hold them in your hand (hey, no more slippery bars flying in the shower!) and to store them upright to dry it faster and make them last longer.

And they are so stylish you'll feel bad about hiding them in your bathroom!

This couple will accompany you in your relaxing hot showers for a long time, some customers told us for even two months, and will be a great company for your travels too thanks to their compact liquid-less nature (bye bye spills in your luggage!).

These amazing shampoo and conditioner bars are packed in a beautiful paper packaging and will be shipped to you without using any kind of plastic. Ever.

And if all this is not enough, they are made with natural fragrances for a fresh and gentle citrus scent, with no sulfates, parabens or silicones because your hair's health is important too... 

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