Compostable Baking Paper and Strawberry Tart

This super easy version of the classic strawberry tart will win you over with its delicious smell! You can replace the strawberries with other in-season fruits, such as apples, peaches, apricots, cherries etc. and can add an extra touch of sweetness with a bit of chocolate spread… yummy!



  • 300gr plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 100gr caster sugar
  • 100gr butter (cold)
  • 1 pinch of Bicarb-soda
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon zest
  • 200gr strawberries
  • 1 spoon of slivered almonds



  1. Place flour on your kitchen bench creating a fountain with a hole in the centre.
  2. In the hole you’ll put the sugar, 2 eggs, the cold butter cut into small pieces, a pinch of bi-carb and the lemon zest.
  3. Mix everything together very quickly using your hands until you get a smooth dough.
  4. Work the dough only enough to bring the dough together. Do not over-knead or your crust will end up tough.
  5. Wrap the pastry dough in our Rotofresh Compostable Cling Wrap and leave it rest in the fridge for 1 hr.
  6. Pre-heat the oven at 200°C.
  7. Line an oven tray with a sheet of Rotofresh Unbleached Baking Paper.
  8. Lightly flour your bench and roll out the dough into two disks, of approx. 13cm diameter each.
  9. Use a fork to prick the dough, this will allow the steams to pass through and will leave your pastry less soggy.
  10. Lift the borders of your pastry disks up (approx. 2cm) and place strawberries and almonds in the centre.
  11. If you want to add an extra sweet touch, you can spread some chocolate cream on the bottom of the tart before adding your fruit.
  12. Place the disks on your lined tray and bake for 20-25min.
  13. Let it cool down before serving.
  14. Store your tart in a container for up to three days. Don’t place it in the fridge or it will lose its crunchiness.

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